The Nature Foundation

The Nature Foundation was born in 2015 to advance the conservation, welfare and protection of endangered and other species and habitats.

And we want you to join the pack – because we can’t do it alone!

It was an old family friend, Professor Stuart Bearhop, who first said to me that 'Zoos and Wildlife Trusts can't save us, they can't be the arcs for the world.' It's true, and it set me thinking about how we can work together to conserve our wonderful planet.

At the zoo we can work our socks off saving species, encouraging kids of all ages to take a closer look and to build a love of nature. We can create wonderful environments where animals can demonstrate natural behaviours and humans can be amazed at the wild experiences to be had. We can enable learning and understanding on many levels... And we're good at it: we do a wonderful job.

But alone we can't save nature. We need you to join us.

By joining The Nature Foundation we can all work together to make a difference. We can have a positive impact on poverty and the crisis facing so many species. We want to work with populations across the globe, and preserve our planet for future generations. You can help by becoming a member of TNF.



Anna Ryder Richardson

CEO, The Nature Foundation