How you can help save the Endangered Sumatran Tiger


The Sumatran Tiger


The Sumatran Tiger is facing extinction, there are only 400 left in the wild. All 5 remaining subspecies of tiger are currently classed as endangered and the Sumatran tiger is IUCN Red Listed as ‘critically endangered’ – just one step before they become extinct in the wild:



The Sumatran tiger’s habitat is threatened by

  • Poaching
  • prey-base depletion
  • human-animal conflict
  • the expansion of oil palm plantations

What we can do

The plight of one of the world’s most iconic animals is in human hands. WE can work to save it.

Manor Wildlife Parc has been part of this journey, in August 2015 they welcomed Terima, the Sumatran Tigress, as part of the European-wide captive breeding programme.

A Sumatran tiger, Jambi, gave birth to her first litter on 18th May 2014: Terima and her brothers Kasih and Batak. Their father is Asu.

‘Terima’ (Indonesian) translates as ‘Thankyou’ or ‘Accepted with love’. And indeed she has been accepted with instant love by the visitors and keeping staff at Manor Wildlife Parc.

When she reaches maturity Terima will be joined by a male and the pair will form part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP).

How you can help

As Terima settles into her new home, there are many other Sumatran Tigers that need our help. If you would like save this incredible animal from extinction then please join our pack today.

Becoming a member of The Nature Foundation is very easy and offers many benefits, including unlimited free entry to Manor House Wildlife Park (or Peak Wildlife Park). This means that you can visit Terima whenever you wish and see how your support is changing her future!

We know that with your help we can change the statistics.

If you would like more information about how your support will save animals like The Sumatran Tiger then please see our latest projects and regularly check our blog.