Anna Ryder Richardson offers home for Gyumri Zoo animals

Anna Ryder Richardson

Anna Ryder Richardson has been extremely moved by the heart breaking images coming out of Gyumri Zoo. The images which are profoundly saddening highlight the unspeakable lives which some animals are forced to endure. As the co owner of Manor Wildlife Park, Peak Wildlife Park and as the chairman of The Nature Foundation; Anna extends her full support in finding better homes for these beautiful animals.


Manor Wildlife Park, which, combined with its sister zoo Peak Wildlife Park, have ample room to hold all of the animals in question. These parks adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare, and would provide a life which is a world away from the animal’s current living conditions. Should viable homes have already been found for the animals; Anna offers her support in the relocation and quarantine process through her charity The Nature Foundation. ‘It is essential that something is done to halt the suffering of these beautiful animals.’