The lionesses forever home!

Mery in Armenia

Update on Lioness Rescue

The Nature Foundation has been working for almost a year to rescue three lionesses who had been kept in appalling conditions in a private collection in Armenia. As many of our supporters will know, money was raised through a Just Giving appeal to build an enclosure which would provide Meri, Gita and Zita with a forever home at Manor Wildlife Park.

We have recently received news that the Armenian Government has refused to sign the Cities certificate to enable the lionesses to travel. The reason given is the animals' origin. A zoo in Armenia is now in the process of raising the money to build an enclosure to house the lionesses permanently.

While this news was initially disappointing, it is actually very positive. We know that the lionesses will be cared for properly for the rest of their days and they don't now have to go through the trauma of a two day journey to get to Pembrokeshire. We are also in no doubt that, without The Nature Foundation and the other charities and supporters involved raising awareness of the lionesses’ plight, they would have been left to die.

This situation now leaves us with a rare commodity in the zoo world - a ready-made, quarantine approved, lion enclosure which is empty. It also appears that there are animals everywhere waiting to come to join us in Pembrokeshire!

We are working closely with our partners at International Animal Rescue and Wildlife Specialist Services to identify lions which are in most need of rescue. We are aiming to bring whichever set we can benefit the most to Pembrokeshire in March 2017.