Ocean Motion: Our Exciting Pilot Project


Ocean Motion

Ocean Motion works with children across the globe enabling learning in and out of the classroom. The Nature Foundation want to build connections and support new links between schools in Wales and Africa.  This project is partly funded by Hub Cymru Africa.

The Problem

Every year North Atlantic currents cause a vast amount of litter to be washed up on Pembrokeshire beaches. The currents of the Indian Ocean cause a similar problem on the east coast of Africa – which also suffers from the waste dumped in the rivers and streams of Nairobi.

Tons and tons and tons and tons of plastic pollute the seas and oceans of the world, killing wildlife, spoiling the natural beauty of our beaches and causing widespread damage to fragile eco systems.

One Solution

The Nature Foundation will support children in Welsh and African schools to reach new understandings about the damage pollution causes through a series of workshops, litter picks and visits to recycling centres. Children will be asked to document their experiences and feelings in pictures and blogs.

We want children in Africa and Wales to share their experiences on the TNF website. The project will culminate with a series of video conferences and TNF will gift two tablets to pupils in Nairobi and fund their Internet for a year.