Saving The Gyumri Lions

The Lion House


Once the story of the ‘World’s Saddest Zoo’ had broken in The Daily Mail, numerous charities became interested in helping to save the lions and the bears. While the Bardot Foundation, gave  a forever home for bears, and many other zoos expressed concern and contributed funds to help the three lionesses, no other zoo or wildlife park came forward to offer all three of the lions a forever home.


TNF raised enough funds to build Phase 1 of the lion enclosure. Which was completed at the end of October 2016.  Providing three separate living areas and a large first paddock, allowing the lions to be managed separately or together in complete safety.  The enclosure has now been approved to meet quarantine regulations.



Since completing the lion enclosure the Armenian Government have been unable to sign the necessary documentation to allow the animals to leave the Country.  As a result of this they have been forced to provide everything the lionesses require for their forever home in an Armenian zoo.  TNF have learned so much throughout this year regarding the plight of animals suffering all over the world and that there are literally hundreds waiting to be given a forever home.  Therefore with the advise and guidance of the many professionals we are now excited to be working with we hope to identify the next group that we can help and ultimately give their forever home.